Routing Underlays

Routing Underlays


Routing Underlay Vilmill

Routing Underlay Vilmill

New! with special adhesive coating!


Our routing underlays are suitable for portal milling machines as well as all plotter makes with milling spindles.

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  • The foamed mat made of polyurethane (PUR) is an ideal base for a wide range of milling and cutting plotters. Due to ist high porosity, slip and abrasion resistance, it has proven itself in countless applications. Lesyk does offer Sealgrip as rolls in several widhts and lengths.

  • now up to a roll width of 1.60 m


  • vilmill™- blue special adhesive layer for optimised fixation

  • vilmill™- black extra strong adhesive layer for small parts

  • the heat at the milling edge leads to the embedding of small parts by melting

  • a solid base is required

  • Pay attention to the depth of cut, the adhesive sheet must remain intact

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