Protection Mats

Protection Mats


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thickness: 1 mm

Symbol_Dicke          60.1.klein cuttings60.1._Rolle_kleinrolls

thickness: 1,5 mm

2,5 - 3 mm dick            Schneidmatten_A_AL_u_G_GL_transparent cuttings60.1,5.Rolle_A_AL_u_G_GLrolls

thickness: 2 mm

2 mm dick             Schneidmatten_A_u_G_transparent cuttings60.2.Rolle_A_u_Grolls

thickness: 2,5 - 3 mm

2,5 - 3 mm dick            2,5 - 3 mm dick cuttings2,5 - 3 mm dickrolls

thickness: 4 - 4,5 mm

4 - 4,5 mm dick            4 - 4,5 mm dick cuttings4 - 4,5 mm dickrolls

thickness: 5 - 5,5 mm

5 - 5,5 mm dick         5 - 5,5 mm dick cuttings5 - 5,5 mm dickrolls

thickness: 6 mm

6 mm dick            6 mm dick cuttings6 mm dickrolls

Special formats


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Apart from the material to be cut and from the knife that is used pulling or oscillating, of course also the suitable cutting underlay is crucial.

Depending on the machine type the underlay sheets have to be cut into the correct dimensions.

The physical properties of the cutting underlay is also decisive.

A successful cut can only be guaranteed by the interaction of the components.

You will find the form here: Schneidmatten_Anfrageformular (please fill in and send it back to us)