• requests from our clients have top priority
  • we stand for quick and professional solutions
  • our products guarantee a high quality standard



  • since its foundation, the company is an owner run family enterprise
  • we are characterised by a longstanding experience and potential in the machine-  and application technology
  • high design- and development competence is our commitment
  • we conceive us as a contact partner for individual problem solutions
  • we put emphasis on a quality-conscious production of our tools
  • the high standard of our products is a commitment
  • processes are accompanied by the personal dedication of the owner
  • our technical advance is guaranteed by a constant ongoing development
  • as a global player in the branch we deliver worldwide
  • the high quality standard of our products ensures a lasting growth
  • qualified staff stands for high level of consulting capacity and customer satisfaction
  • long-term and target-orientated investments are the basis for a common future



  • flat / round shaft / V- Cut and rotating blades
    • for producer and end users of cutting- and milling plotters
    • for the application of the most different markets
    • from the packing industry up to high end products in the aircraft industry
  • oscillating blades smooth or with serration up to 150 mm cutting depth
  • process adapted solutions  because of a  close cooperation with machine producers and end customer
  • constant generation of new tools / tool geometries under consideration of the most modern cutting materials
  • special TC-tools for extreme operating conditions
  • divers modules and knife holders for various plotter types ( ESKO/Kongsberg, ZÜND, Aristo, Lasercom, Elcede, …)
  • launch of miscellaneous cutting and milling mats




  • Expansion of our milling base range with anti-slip effect
  • Introducing of a new generation of acrylic and universal milling tools
  • New introduction of coated multifunctional knives and milling tools
  • Increasing our storage capacity by installing another paternoster


  • New development of various packaging for our flat knife range
  • Expansion of our accessories for punching and dressing
  • Investments in our quality assurance area


  • Introduction of a regrinding box for our regrinding service
  • Further development of multifunctional and soft-cut knives
  • Models with adapted cutting and wedge angles as well as tip geometries
  • Optimizations of our foil knives


  • Knives with multifunctional blade and asymmetrical blade for special materials
  • Knife with very rigid tips for less breakage issues
  • Knife development for abrasive materials
  • Knife development for fine and fibrous materials
  • Use of different coating technologies for cutting
    • Materials with high-strength inlays
    • Materials made from GRP, CFRP or inlays made from such materials
    • Plastics with extremely poor thermal conductivity


  • Further development of our high-end knife blades.
  • Optimization of the cutting behavior by adapting the cutting edge geometries and improving the wear behavior.
  • Introduction of new milling documents to increase efficiency by optimally fixing small parts on the milling table.



  • Change of name: LESYK becomes LESYK GmbHEnhancement of our sales
  • new companyLesyk PCT GmbH- Lesyk Precision Cutting Tools GmbH -, Strengthening of our production capacities


  • extended product information through newsletter promotions


  • Enlargement of our storage capacity for increased availability of our products
  • Extension of our quality control by advanced optical control methods for visual inspection, gauging, logging and documentation


  • 30 Jahre LESYK - consolidated knowledge as well as experience in the application of cutting- and milling technologie
  • implementation of a labeling system for automatic labeling of product packages
  • introduction of a modern 3D-CAD-System for draft and design implementation as well as for presentation of our products
  • our Online-Shop - a great success!


  • Linking our warehouse with our merchandise management system
  • start of our online shop


  • acquisition of a paternoster in order to reduce the lead time and to optimize stock-keeping
  • Introduction of a new managing system to accelerate our organizational procedures


  • move to the new location in Schlierbach, Siemensstr. 32
  • construction of the new headquarter with administration building warehouse and production hall


  • move to the head-office in Schlierbach, Kirchstr 22, with increased storage capacity


  • foundation of the company
  • the first knives blades of the house LESYK. A success!
  • official supplier four various machine producers and final clients
  • respected contact partner for problem solving
  • critical cutting processes as well as new types of customer requirements have required the development and introduction of new tools


  • development of oscillating modules
  • development of oscillating knives


  • entry into the construction of plotter and laser machines



  • for all application related questions we always stand you aside with advice and assistance
  • due to our longstanding experience in the plotter industry and the application related know-how we are in the position to solve difficult problem solutions
  • we assist you with individual consulting, during the purchase decision of a plotter
  • we work out with you individual and target orientated solution concepts for the use of your cutting plotter
  • we offer regrind service for used hard metal knives



  • we put emphasis on sustainability of our products
  • our aim is a resource saving treatment of row material
  • we contribute to a protection of the environment by renouncing as far as possible on using plastic and non recyclable materials
  • the building and the installation meet high energy standard
  • we reduce energy costs by using a photovoltaic system



  • our high quality products are used worldwide 
  • they are applied in various branches such as
    • aerospace, architecture, sealing technology, display manufactures,
    • printing offices, filter producers
    • feltprocessing, flexo- cliché producers, foil processing,
    • leather industry,  furniture industry, foam processing, shoe industry
    • honey comb processing, automotive industry, plotter technology
    • heavy duty corrugated board processing, screen printing, die-making
    • textile industry, packing industry, advertising technology