Do you have worn out blades?

Then you need original grinding with polished cutting edges!

Use our high quality standard and our reliable and quick service.

We get out the maximum of your tools!

Our team will be pleased to assist you.

Regrinding services can only be handled towards minimum quantity of 10 blades per type.

Occuring set-up costs have to spread accross blade quantity to be re-grinded.

In case of urgent demand, please enlarge your existing quota with new blades first.


With our grinding service we help you to maintain the efficiency of your tools long time after purchase – from simple standard knife-blades to complex special blades.


Which tools are regrindable? Tools with an –N after the item number.

Here you find all regrindable tools Nachschleifservice_2018_en_gruen_k200.

Do you can send us a re-grinding order via

Please send us your tools.

Delivery time is approx.  2-4 weeks after receipt of the tools.


What should be kept in mind:

Tools can only be regrinded up to a limited cutting length, depending on the circumstances, that regrinding process requires.

We hope for your understanding, that we dispose such not re-grindable tools straightforward.

After the grinding process the length of the tools ist reduced!

Blades will have different lengths after re-sharpening.

Due to the different length of each single blade, your machine settings have to be adjusted

Non-observance may cause damage.


Disposal of blades and bits:

Gladly we take over the duly disposal of your no longer usable tools.

Thus at any time send them to us – also in combination with a regrinding order.